Welcome to Eco Skin Spa !

Eco Skin Spa, is located inside Ecocentric Green Salon in Daytona Beach Florida. I specialize in Male and Female Waxing and Facials. Eco Skin Spa is a relaxing, private skincare studio where you can enjoy quiet music, great service, and a professional atmosphere.  No pretensions here, just my desire to help you attain your best skin health without breaking your pocketbook. 
I am are here to provide you with effective treatments and a rejuvenating spa like experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated. Every treatment I perform is designed for your specific needs because your skin is as unique as you are! My customized treatments combat acne, aging skin, sensitive skin and pigment disorders.


Take a look at my Services Menu of skin care and waxing. Too many choices? No worries. I customize every treatment, every time. I will advise you over the phone, allot enough time and we can decide together after I actually see you.

You can Book Online, purchase an Instant Gift Certificate or Contact Us for more information.

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